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Tensile Testing Equipments

Direct display of results and printout through microcontroller such as Peak load, Break load, Elongation at peak load, Elongation at break load, Tensile strength at peak load, Tensile strength at break load, elongation at peak load, elongation at break load could be viewed on the micro controller and printout could be obtained by directly attaching a dot matrix printer to the equipment, Paint – Powder coated.

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Polymer Testing Equipments

MFI Tester, Digital Peel Tester, Tensile Machine, Vertical Impact Drop Tester, VSP/HDT Tester, Carbon Black Content Apparatus

Material Testing Equipments

Density Tester-Digital, Hot Air Oven, Opacity Tester, Cof Tester , Dart Tester, Plastic Testing Instrument, Hydraulic Press, Digital Peel Tester

Plastic Testing Equipments

Hot/Cold Baths Hydrostatic Pipepressure Testing , CHARPY Imapct Tester For Pipe, Pipe Imapct Tester, Ring/pipe Stiffness Testing Machine,

Film Testing Equipments

Cof Tester, Dart Tester , Opacity Tester , Sealing Machine, Tensile Tester, ESCR Apparatus

Pipe Testing Equipments

Hydrostatic Pipe Pressure Testing Panel, Hot/Cold Baths Hydrostatic Pipepressure Testing, CHARPY Imapct Tester For Pipe

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Tensile Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Equipments, Material Testing Equipments, Mumbai, India

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Retro Fittings

We do the retro fittings for below listed equipments of any brands
Tensile Machines, VSP / HDT Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Pannel

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We do the retro fittings for below listed equipments of any brands
Static and Kinetic Friction Tester(COF Tester), VSP/HDT Tester, DART Tester

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"Advance Equipments" is a revolution for the quality in Material Testing Equipments. With a group of experienced & talented personnel together our design & development of instruments are as par with the imported testing equipments on quality basis.

Although we are offering the highest quality level to match with the leading manufacturers, we always see to it that the costs of our all equipments are affordable to small budget buyers.